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Get Your Mix On HHUK    

HHUK welcomes NEW mixes for inclusion in our live mix shows and on our daily rotating 24/7 playlist.

We only play HARD HOUSE - HARD TRANCE and Hard NRG. If you mix or produce Hard House, Hard Trance and/or Hard NRG off CD, mp3 or vinyl and you have a full mix featuring recent releases (no classic mixes thanks!) please upload an mp3 of your mix to a free file sharing service. HHUK recommends or which are free and easy to use.

You must read and understand the following information before sending a mix. Sending your mix to us or making it available to HHUK via a download link is confirmation of your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1: Your mix is original, mixed by you and not broadcast elsewhere.
2 :Your mix should be uploaded in mp3 format AT LEAST 128kbps (or above) @ 44.1 STEREO
3 : Mixes should be between 45 and 90 minutes max in duration
4 : No MC'ing or talking over the mix please.

After uploading your mix CONTACT US with a link to your mp3 file!

Tips for new DJs    

1: Check Your recording levels: DJing isn't just about being good at mixing two tunes together, it's also about producing a mix with top audio quality.

2: Make sure you don't record your mix too loud (or quiet):
There's nothing worse than hearing a really good mix that we can't actually play on-air due to badly recorded audio. Watch your level (VU) meters and DO NOT record into the "red" or your mix could "clip" and sound distorted. Digital audio is very particular about levels. So watch them like a hawk! Check your levels on each deck/CD before you record your mix. Replace your deck needle/cart if one is significantly lower than the other in volume.

3: Fades / slowdowns / edits
Please try not to fade your mix IN or OUT or slow your final track down at the end either! You wouldn't hear it in a club so why record it in your mix? It's not professional - especially if you do it in a club.
Remember the clubbers - they want to hear a nice smooth progression of music they can dance to!

4: Practice the mix beforehand. It's less likely to go wrong when you come to record the real thing. We don't accept badly mixed files. If it goes wrong - start again! All practice is good practice:)

If you'd like any more advice (or have some advice you would like included in our tips) please feel free to contact us at HHUK. We want to encourage new DJ talent so any questions however basic are welcome. Our MSN Messenger address is: or email us.

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