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Getting Connected to HHUK    
HHUK broadcasts live radio streams via our servers based in the United Kingdom.

Our streams are broadcast in "mp3" format using Shoutcast server technology. We recommend you download the latest version of Winamp to listen to our streams although you can use any mp3 audio player to tune in.
Winamp is a small, free radio and CD player (NO SPYWARE!) designed for Windows and features a scrolling title window to allow you to check mix information and DJ email addresses! Apple Mac users should download iTUNES to listen to HHUK streams.

"I clicked the listen now link on your website but get an error message from Windows saying I have no suitable player installed!"
Download Winamp, install it and try connecting again (the message means you do not have suitable software installed to listen to internet radio broadcasts)
"When I try and connect I get a message saying server too busy.."
This means all of our servers are full-up with listeners. Unfortunately we cannot afford to have limitless radio streams and rely on your generosity to donate money to help maintain what radio streams we have!
"I am using a dial-up modem to surf the internet - why do your radio streams always buffer and cut-out all the time!"
If you have a low bandwidth connection try our new OGG stream! Click HERE to tune in now.
"Do you have an address to paste into our mp3 players or browsers to automatically start up HHUK in our players?"
If you want to manually "tune in" to our broadcasts (Ctrl L in Winamp to open address window) you
can copy and paste the following URL below into your mp3 player window:
If this page hasn't helped to answer your question please EMAIL us!
All text, graphics & radio streams are Copyright © HHUK 1999-2009. Any unauthorised use is strictly forbidden.